The Best Places to Visit in Colorado’s

Located a 2 hour drive northwest of Denver, Breckenridge has long been a predominant tourist destination. As the gateway to the Rocky Mountains, ski resorts, snowboarding, snowmobiling, mountain biking and more define this town. Visitors can also find breathtaking options for outdoor recreation including hiking, fishing, mountain climbing and more.

In addition to the activities that Breckenridge offers, the mountain town is also a great place to consider if you are interested in small business. Making it attractive to companies hoping to locate in Colorado’s health care and retirement communities, many companies now welcome job seekers to give them a ” POSTURE” with local businesses. The town offers year round sunshine and mild temperatures making it attractive to both doctors and retirees.

Onsite Amenities – Full service convenience store, discount shopping center, restaurant, general store and more.

Cultural Attractions – Enjoy Indian arts and crafts, outdoor concerts, comedy shows, rodeos, gaming, yoga, chapel, and more.

Read about more experiences available in these tourism targeted cities:

Bismarck – Bismarck is the largest city in North Dakota. Known for its vibrant downtown area, more than 300 days of sunshine a year, and our very own quaint Post Office, this city is a great place to get away from everything. If you are looking for something different to do you can help yourself to explore the ArtWalk, Shakers, Drakenstein House, and more.

Bozley – Located about 90 minutes northwest of Mandan,Bozleyoffers its charm in a unique Northern setting. Bozley Heritage State Park offers a variety of activities from roaming the woods, mountain biking, boating, and even rappelling. Onsite Amenities – Full hookups, dump station, laundry services, satellite TV, playground, picnic tables, and more.

Cape Hite – If you are looking for a quaint little fishing village, then Cape Hite is just the place for you. Surrounded by towering pines, beaches, and the ocean, this place is a must see. Available on a variety of packages, each offering a chance to enjoy more of nature. Amenities include private boats, tents, and motor homes.

Alta – This park is one of the best kept secrets in North Central Washington. Known for its beauty and splendor, this place is a great destination for those who are adventurous. Surrounded by several waterfalls, this place is a must see. Located about 30 minutes north of North Central Washington, there are a variety of package trips that are a great way to experience this area. Be sure to contact the tour guide while on your trip in Alta to setup your lodging.

Osoyoos Lake – Lake Osoyoos is a beautiful place to visit in itself. But, for those individuals looking to get away even further from the world, there are also a variety of excursions available including, kayaking, fishing, and more. While in Lake Osoyoos, there are quite a few things you can do. Take a trip to the Hydrothermal springs, explore the beaver pond, and of course, canoeing. There are also train tours, a sky tour, and boat tours available for those individuals, individuals who are looking for something a little more adventurous. Fallen Leaf State Park offers those individuals a place to camp, picnics, and of course, enjoy the water.

Each of these parks and campgrounds have wonderful package deals that can be found online each year. This is a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, see some of the most beautiful scenery nature has to offer, and spend time with those you care to care about. Choose your park or campground, pack your camping tent of choice, of course you will want to bring food and utensils, but there are no fees for anything here. They are all truly wild places, some have even been stocked with rare species over the years. Make sure you check out their website or call them to get reservations if they are not already available. These parks and campgrounds are not only great for spending time in nature, they are also fun for the entire family.

So ditch the video games, or even the laptop, and get out into nature and have some fun. Lakes and streams are a great way to relax, and learn about Mother Nature. But please stay on the grassy areas covered in leaves, there is not much room for tickets.